Why are silicone bracelets so popular?

Regardless of age, gender, or culture, silicone bracelets are a popular way to spread awareness of specific causes or as memorabilia from a particular event. This type of wristband is available in all sizes, colors, and it can also come with writing or images that can be made in bulk or per piece for the purposes of promoting a business. With its popularity continuing to grow despite of changes in trending topics, it is slowly becoming clear that silicone bracelets are here to stay.

silicone braceletsSilicone bracelets first came to public awareness when they were used as a strategy to promote the causes of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The bracelets were etched with designs and were released to the public even when the foundation had no events. The bracelets became such a huge hit that other charities decided to enter the bracelet market and use the popularity of the silicone bracelets in order to further their own causes. Today, these bracelets are being used by charity organizations, churches, and even political parties in order to raise awareness of the existence and the causes of these organizations.

The organizers should always bear in mind that the value of these bracelets is great, and they are made with pure silicone. As of today, many manufacturers of silicone products also offer the production of bracelets to potential customers, thanks to its seemingly unending popularity. Mostly, organizations buy the bracelets in bulks, and they do the transactions online. Not only is it more convenient to shop online, but it is also a money saver to purchase the bracelets in bulk rather than in any other way.

There are four main reasons why organizations use silicone bracelets:

They yield high profit and they are relatively cheap to produce. As a material in itself, silicone has a lot of usages. Not only that, because it is extremely abundant, it is also not expensive. Therefore, when organizers buy bracelets in bulks, they do not upset the cost of silicone in the market so much even if they sell it at their determined price in order to raise money for their own causes.All of our customized wristbands are also made from 100% pure silicone rubber. Visit for more detail.

The use of these bracelets also makes other forms of advertisement or marketing unnecessary. People often want to have something that they can touch or use from an organization if they are to remember that organization. Since it is already cheap to make especially if the requested quantity is big, and since it can be sold at a low price and still be a way to gain a lot of money, these bracelets have proven to have more of a selling and advertising power than commercials.

There are many colors and sizes to choose from. The color of the bracelets can be changed or determined based on the theme of the organization, or on the problem they are bringing awareness to. For instance, environmental awareness would often require the color green, whereas AIDS awareness would require red. In addition to colors, it is also possible to put designs on the wristbands, such as images and lettering, which further detail what the cause of the organization is, or what the name of the organization is. Churches also usually put short verses from the Bible on their wristbands.

The bracelets themselves provide the sense of unity and friendship among those who have it. In addition, the bracelets also help managers and organizers keep track of how much progress they are making when it comes to spreading word about their organization and their cause. For example, a particular organization which aims to empower women may be sold to more than 40 million people. This means that 40 million people are now aware of the organization and its cause.