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Methods of Holding Golf Grips: Pros and Cons

There are times when one mistake on a certain key aspect can affect the entire gameplay. Well, among these crucial fundamentals though, the grip is most important. Aside from the golf grips, the gripping style must also be paid attention to in order to perform good swings.

The way a person holds the golf grips affects almost everything each time he or she swings the golf club. This is the reason why professional golfers claim that it is more important than posture, stance or alignment. This might be quite confusing to beginners though since there are lots of methods to do it right and just as many methods to do it incorrectly. In some instances, what is right for someone can be wrong for another.

Professional golfers also claim that for each golf grip method indicated on the textbooks, there are golfers whose griping styles defy whatever is written. The overlapping method and the interlocking grip are some of these gripping methods that are seemingly the opposite of one another. However, they are being used by professional golfers.

It is puzzling to sort out everything that goes into the golf grips but the moment you learn what is best for you and for the condition you are in, your golf performance can dramatically improve. This list includes weak, neutral and strong types of golf gripping methods along with the noteworthy professional golfers who use them. By studying their pros and cons, you can improve your swings and prevent the potential drawbacks.

Interlocking Grip

Put your right pinky finger in between your left index and middle finger to lock your hands together. This is how the interlocking grip is formed. Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are some professional golf players who use this method. Golfers with small hands are recommended to use this. It cuts down excessive movements on the wrist and the hands. A golfer who applies this does not have to squeeze hard in order to hold the handle firmly. This reduces the tension that kills the swings.

The con of interlocking grip is that it can be uncomfortable for some. Others also find it awkward. There are also some golfers who just don’t feel that it can improve their swing because it disables their wrists and hands from moving freely.

Overlapping Grip

Most professional golfers choose overlapping grip. One of the reasons is that this golf gripping method is more comfortable compared to the interlocking grip.English golfer Harry Vardon was the one who popularized this golf gripping method. By placing your right pinky finger on the top of the small space between your middle and index fingers of the left hand, you can form this golf grip. Matt Kuchar and Ben Hogan are some of the professional golfers who use this method.

Golf gripsIf you have large and strong hands, you are prone to overlap. This grip does not prevent the movement of the hands and it provides the needed unity between them. A golfer who uses this golf gripping method is free to move his or her hands and through this, a full golf club release can be done. This can help when powerful shots are needed.

This method is not meant for golfers who have small hands since they can find the golf club hard to control when overlapping. Golfers with strong hands can also have “handsy” swings because of gaining too much movement freedom.

Neutral Grip

This method aligns the clubface and the hands directly. Due to this, it is considered as the ideal grip position. If two knuckles are visible on your left hand, your golf grip is considered neutral. Nicklaus and Ernie Els apply this method. You can keep the clubface square to your line of target throughout the swing without having to manipulate anything if your other fundamentals are in order. This gripping method does not cause hooks or slices by itself. By hitting draws and fades, you should find it easy to guide the ball in either direction.

There are some golfers who are uncomfortable in doing neutral grip. It also seems unnatural to others. Despite this, this grip has no real drawbacks.

Weak Grip

This method gained its name from the fact that the hands of the one using it is rotated to the left of the handle. Some people mistakenly believe that it has something to do with the firmness of the grip. The form of this grip only shows one knuckle on the left hand at address.

Curtis Strange and Corey Pavin use this grip. If you are fighting a hook, you can cure it with the help of this grip. Through this, you can hit the ball higher with additional backspin while keeping the clubface open. The problem is that it could be hard for you to release the golf club properly and it can also cause slices. Lots of players are not comfortable when their arm is restricted from rotating.

Knowing how to hold your golf grips is essential to become successful. Through this guideline, you can already determine which golf gripping method to use on each shot.