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Buying Facebook Likes: The Power of a Like

A Facebook Like is the most powerful thing any Facebook user has at their disposal. Although most people view a Like as nothing more than a click, to the person whose post you Liked it means so much more. A Like can possibly set-off a chain reaction that will further a cause, raise a business to the next level, or simply get someone to win a competition. Simply put, it generates traffic for your page, which will result in more people knowing about it.

But how does a simple click on the word “Like” do this? Before that question is answered, it’s best to define what it means to “Like” something.

Liking something, as defined by Facebook, lets someone know that you enjoy what they posted without leaving a comment. Although there are people prone to “overliking,” i.e. Liking a post as well as leaving a comment that they Like it, most people are content with simply hitting that Like button. Once you Like a post, it is shown to your friends who, if they are friends with whoever posted what you Liked, they can Like that post as well, or leave a comment. Thus, it generates what internet experts refer to as “traffic” and interest in that post increases. The same can be said for Liking a Page. When you like a Page, you instantly subscribe to that Page’s updates (you do have the option of not subscribing to page updates).

When Facebook sees that your Page has a lot of Likes, it starts to generate ways for your Page to gain even more. If you’ve paid for advertising from Facebook, more Likes on your page means Facebook gives you more bang for your buck: it cranks out more advertisements in favor of your Page. People see the ad, they click the ad and it does whatever you chose your ad to do for your Page. If you’re running a business, this means more people get to see your products and/or services, resulting in more people inquiring and eventually availing of your products and/or services. This idea of generating traffic has given rise to something that people are starting to take advantage of: the idea of buy Facebook Likes.

Buy Facebook Likes is an idea that’s similar to paid advertising. You find a company, get them to get people to say something good about your product or service, show it to the rest of the population, and hope against hope that people like your product just from seeing your advertisement. The idea of buy Facebook Likes, however, takes it one step further.

Instead just having people gain interest on your Page by merely leading them to it, when you buy Facebook Likes it literally gives your like counter an instant boost, anywhere from 25 to 2,500, and for some companies, probably even more.

Remember the idea of generating more traffic through Likes? This concept takes advantage of that and creates a virtual win-win situation for you and the company you paid to get you those likes. You get more attention sent to your Page thanks to the boost in your number of Likes, and the company gets paid for it. The company that gave you your instant boost in Likes also gains something else: with your success, they can get more people to use their services, thus making them even more successful.
The idea behind the Facebook Like was novel to begin with, but no one could have foreseen how much power it would hold, especially for the world of advertising. It’s no wonder there are a lot more people trying to capitalize on the simple act of clicking “Like” on a Page to earn money.